We have an idea to make money for you is what work at Friends For Fortune.

One of the ideas that we want to work on is an app that we want to make is an app for college alumnus.

It should be Free to use.

Should have lots of features like

  • social media friendly
  • jobs offered
  • resume upload
  • olx kinda selling and buying and renting

Several money making opportunities

  • ads
  • donations
  • custom features
  • logos and
  • back end management tools

If you would be keen to work on it I am willing to collaborate or fund such a project.

More on Friends For Fortune

Friends For Fortune brings to you business opportunities that you can profit from. We, Friends For Fortune, will tie up with people who would like to turn their ideas into business and also with people who would like to spread businesses in various markets. The Friends For Fortune will also be interested to hear your money making ideas that need implementation or expansion. Rest assured that all exchange of ideas will be done legally and ethically under Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement so that your business ideas stay protected.

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