As a business man I have always been clear that the name of my business and its logo should clearly represent what the business does.

Three years back I started thinking about creating an organisation to help entrepreneurs set up business and make money. I started the eandeavor to find a an apt and nice name and at the same time a great domain name.

Searching for the name for several days I zeroed down on Friends For Fortune – mainly because of two reasons

  1. The name represents exctly what I planned to do
  2. A dot com domain name – – was available

My quick next steps were

old logo of friends for fortune
Friends For Fortune Old Logo
  1. register a gmail account with the same name –
  2. get a Facebook page going with it –
  3. quickly get a twitter handle – (Could not get friendsforfortune on twitter as a handle.)

Once the above tasks were over I got down to getting a logo.

Of course this was several years ago and I wasn’t sure when I will find time to work on Friends For Fortune.

But a logo was needed on Facebook Page and Twitter page. So this logo was created using a website which would make a logo based on name, industry type etc.

Story of Friends For Fortune New Logo

Fast Forward to 2017 and I was now ready to start dedicating my time to Friends For Fortune. As a result of this the first thing required was to have a nice website and a new logo.

For website I used my favorite WordPress with free themes and plugins and for Logo we I turned to a top of line professional commercial artist. The clear guidelines provided to the artists for the logo were

  1. It should represent gregariousness
  2. Money / wealth
  3. It should be clean and neat.

logo of friends for fortune

Several new designs were presented to us.  We zero’ed down on this logo.

The orange and red color represent high energy and outgoing, sociable, and fond of others.

And the octagram represents Ashtalakshmi, the eight forms or “kinds of wealth” of the goddess Maa Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth.

Especially relevant here is that I am a true blue Hindu and I love this logo.

Do fill in the form at the bottom of the post to join Friends For Fortune to become a part of an exclusive club with a single interest to create wealth jointly with people who have dreams and want to turn them into reality.

You can also join Friends For Fortune by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter. I plan to bring forth ideas that I would like to work on in tandem with members of the Friends of Fortune to make money and create wealth.

In conclusion we are going to make dreams come true. So join us if you have it in you.

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