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Friends For Fortune Create Wealth Together

My name is Rajeev Vaid and my motto in life is to create wealth in whatever I do and with whomever I work with. I have been creating business after business since 1989. Several businesses went downhill while a few sustained.

Since 2008 life has been kinda slow. I have to spend more time at home due to private reasons and all the businesses have been running in auto-pilot mode. I am a gym lover and spend some time every day working out. So these days are more of staying at home and going to the gym and that’s it.

For several months I have been toying with an idea of getting entrepreneurs and true ‘wannabe’ entrepreneurs under an umbrella to assist and guide them to operate profitably and create wealth.

Friends For Fortune is born with that vision.
Friends For Fortune is born with a vision to make money & create wealth for its members. Click To Tweet
Friends For Fortune domain got booked on May 1, 2014 and has taken 3 years to fructify while I have been also interacting, interviewing and getting into business arrangements with entrepreneurs, some of them just out of college (including my alma mater YMCA University of Science and Technology) and even some business geniuses who dropped out of school and never went to colleges. And I have found that a large number of people working on multiple ideas has much higher chances of profit vis-à-vis less number of people on the single project.

Friends For Fortune will bring to you business opportunities that you can profit from. We, Friends For Fortune, will tie up with people who would like to turn their ideas into business and also with people who would like to spread businesses in various markets. The Friends For Fortune will also be interested to hear your money making ideas that need implementation or expansion. Rest assured that all exchange of ideas will be done legally and ethically under Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement so that your business ideas stay protected.

Are we Indians risk averse?

Taking risks is not in fashion in India and you must watch this video where Dr. Subramanian Swamy makes this point about highly educated Indians.

Young Indians from economically weak backgrounds are stuck in an anti-entrepreneurial environment mainly due to their upbringing with parents giving them a very protected environment making them risk-averse personalities. It is my belief that people who lose their parental cover early in life in India (and even abroad) are better risk lovers and turn into better wealth creators.

How risk lovers are trained?

I want you to see another video, that of American billionaire businesswoman Sara Blakely, who made an idea into a USD 500 million plus enterprise, as she talks of her Dad who used to encourage her to fail in a task every day. Failure was celebrated at her home. And that would instill faith and confidence in herself at a very early age making her use those skills to turn into a very rich lady without an MBA.

Do fill in the form at the bottom of the post to join Friends For Fortune to become a part of an exclusive club with a single interest to create wealth jointly with people who have dreams and want to turn them into reality.

You can also join us by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter. I plan to bring forth ideas that I would like to work on in tandem with members of the Friends of Fortune to make money and create wealth.

Between doing nothing and doing dead lifts at the gym I dream of working with several smart people to help them create wealth for all of us and that is what this exclusive club called Friends For Fortune is an umbrella for. We are going to make dreams come true. Join us if you have it in you.

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